Get Set.

PACKING LIST: ODMarathonAlways bring body glide

Long sleeve shirt
Short sleeve technical shirt
Warm up running shirt
Disposable on-course shirt
Running tights
Nike Wicking shorts (x2)
Spandex shorts
Tight sports bra
Running tank
Features Socks
Nike Socks
Compression socks
Sleep Mask
Arm band
In-ear headphones
Gels/glukos (x4)
Honey Stinger – Carmel (x2)
Immodium (shut up)
Aspirin (2 before, 1 every 7 miles, 2 after = 8)
Body glide
Extra Body Glide
White English Muffins
Bananas (x2)
Peanut Butter (chunky)
Coffee Maker
Coffee filters
Beet Root Juice
Granola bars (low fiber)
Bud Light
Seltzer Water
Extra safety pins

This was the actual list I made for my last marathon. Ironically, I left off running shoes, which seems like maybe the biggest oversight I have ever committed. When I first thought about running it seems like the simplest thing—the least involved sport. It’s
something that humans are biomechanically programmed to do, so why did I need a list more extensive than a first-baby-registry for a 48-hour trip? I tend to think of myself as a fairly low maintenance, although my friends and family might disagree, but did I really need enough shirts for the population of the Marshall Islands? The answer, of getsetcourse, is no. But I still used every one of the things that I brought, between warm up runs, and layering on race day. I know a lot of runners that have amazingly consistent routines, and while I am a loose cannon on daily runs, come marathon day there is a specific system of dynamic stretches,ounces of coffee, and grams of carbs that I will not adjust until the day it steers me astray.

Quite honestly, running can be a very, very expensive hobby. If you’re smart about it, it doesn’t have to be, but for someone currently without a full time job, who barely qualifies as a recreational runner, much of my spare money goes into my marathon fund. I’ve considered getting jobs with an airline to minimize the costs of traveling to marathons. I’ve sent inquiry emails to athletic companies, asking if they sponsor runners for coming in last in their age group, or for wearing a silly outfit, or just generally because I like the products they offer, and will promote them to my friends and family (note: most companies will not sponsor bad runners!). My birthday wish list is usually asking for airfare to a race, or paying for an entrance fee, and Santa Claus knows me so well that no Christmas is complete without a shiny pair of new Asics under the tree.

What it boils down to is, when you are at the starting line of a race and the Timer tells you to “Get Set” are you prepared to go? Or have you left your running shoes at home, realized you forgot to put on deodorant, and now you stand thinking about the post-race beers you’ll soon drink, realizing that you missed the starting gun going off?


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