First Steps

Do you remember when you were a child and you would dream of something that in the deepest places of your mind you thought might actually come true? For me this was being a Dalmatian named Purdy, who was also a dog princess. I am now 22 years on from that dream, although undeniably that would still be an amazing turn of events in my life, but at eighteen I decided to do something that, at the time, seemed just as likely to happen as morphing into  dog. I decided to take on the 50 State Marathon Challenge (51 counting DC), despite taking up recreational jogging only months earlier.

As a Supply Chain major, I should have considered such basic things as transportation costs, car and hotel logistics, and the fact that I didn’t actually like running; but when you are newly eighteen little matters compared to the loads of likes you could potentially rack up on Facebook. So twelve marathons into this journey, I’m going to share the lessons I’ve learned so far, some that will go beyond hip flexor stretches, sports nutrition, and sports bra chaffing. From long training runs that give you the time and peace of mind to quit a job, countless miles of inane subjects with best friends, late night sprints to manage anxiety over unknown futures, tempo runs after fantastic but exhausting days, and a million excuses not to run today.

Welcome to this road, which does not have a foreseeable end, and I look forward to racking up miles with you!



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